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Passage One Music / Next Music June 25, 2019

Savannah Fay’s debut single, FREE, is a deeply personal, poignant account of her journey, holding a
symbolic message for the broader population as well. FREE resonates a worldwide message.
Says Savannah Fay, “Looking back, I cannot help but feel a sense of gratitude for my
challenges. They paved the way for the creation of a song that I hope will potentiapoplly help others
struggling with similar issues”
“It is okay to reach out for help,” she urges. “Do not allow society or the stigma that
surrounds mental health to stop you from getting the help you need.”

Said Sivan Pillay, AKA The Eskimo Writer and Hot 91.9FM DJ who has played a valuable and
creative role in the journey & creation of FREE…“The message of the song is inspiring
and relevant to the broader public – not only to those suffering from anxiety and depression…

The concept of being free has symbolic meaning as it is experienced by people in different

“Although the song has personal meaning, the magic is that it is relevant to the current time
in South Africa, not to mention the world at large. The words and feel of the song have
relevance in so many ways,” adds Passage One Music.